Friday, September 18, 2009

From U.S.A

I'm sorry that I've been M.I.A these past couple of moths. I've actually been absorbed into other things. anyways, now i'm in the US, alls ettled in to my new place and so i've decided to rescue my blog from oblivion. Anyways, i went to my first ever baseball game today... it was awesome. my housemate had an extra ticket and she took me which was great of her. i totally had a very american experience.

It was the Mariners(which i guess is my home team now) versus the all famous New York Yankees. That was pretty cool if u ask me... my first game and its against a big ass team like the Yankees. I even got to see a-Rod play whoch was awesome. But of course i had to support the Mariners since they're my home team and all. anyways, we were watching and my housemate, Holly, who is totally sweet was trying to explain the whole game to me. so i kinda got it after a while. so everything was pretty bland until like the final inning....

here comes the baseball talk that she told me...

u need 3 outs to switch batting teams (explaining how to make an out is too complicated for me)... any-hoo, this was the last one... if the mariners got outted by the Yankees one last time, then the game was over and Yankees win 2-1. so the batter Mike Sweeney goes up, and he hits the ball beautifully and gets to second base.... then the mariner hero Ichiro goes up, he hits a home run and all of a sudden the Mariners have beat the Yankees 3-2. how cool was that... and I got to see it all. it was amazing...

woo-hoo!!!! go Seattle Mariners!!!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

not another one


Roger Federer won Wimbledon..... AGAIN! I can't believe it. and he's back as the world no. 1. i hate him. someone shoot that fool down. and now he's like some tennis god cos he's like won the most amount of Grand Slams. wtf. i hate him la. i watched that stupid final and andy roddick really dug in la. he should have won. i am so sad now. and poor Nadal lost his worl no. 1 rank cos he was out injured. they shud just forget about this one since he wasn't able to defend it.

poor roddick. he was all sad adn almost cried la. he actually cracked a joke and told pete sampras, " sorry pete, i tried to hold him off." (cos pete was the old tennis god that has now been dethroned)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

talk about a dead jackson

oh my god la.... stop the madness. a million people die everyday, his passing ain't the end of the freaking universe. you know i read 4 blogs in 6 minutes and each one had the same latest post...."The King is Dead". Oh brother....! You know Farah Fawcett died too. She's a celebrity too you know. Pls people talk about something else. we all know he died. especially anyone aged 20 and below. the most memorable thing about MJ that we lived through is his child molestation case. it ain't exactly idol material, so pls quit the unpaid obituaries.....

This obituary goes out to all those other people that died on the 26th of june but got passed over goes Michael 'black boy ,white man' Jackson stole your final farewell by croaking on the same day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

grunge vs flower power

and the winner is...................

and so it is set to rest for another year..............

Friday, April 24, 2009

kissing in the lounge

She touched her hand to her back, gently rubbing the muscles that clearly were not responding well to the exertion. She paused her actions to move her back in different angles, hpoing to relieve the ache.

Suddenly she heard his familiar voice calling out, "Hey!"

"Hey!" she replied, non-too enthusiastically. From the corner of her eye, she could see him take the seat beside her, sitting in a position facing her.

"What's up?" He began with his usual line of fire.

"Nothing much, I think I over did it with the ****. My back is killing me."

"Haha... That's what you get for overcompensating," his gentle tone not quite matching his mocking words.

"Its not funny dude."

"Alright fine. Come on, let me." He jerked her hand away from her back to replace it with his own and began gently rubbing her back. She could feel her muscles reacting positively to the firmer attention but the soreness still remained.

"You're not ok yet huh?" He probed. She swung her head around to see his body bent to focus on his task.

"Its getting better." she said slowly while reaching to move his hand to areas that needed attention.

"Oh blast it! This would work so much better if we weren't in such a weird position." His voice went a decibel higher as he rose to his feet in one quick motion.

She knew he meant for her to follow him, so she easily placed her hand in his outstretched one, and heaved herself from her current position, then allowed him to guide her to the small employee's lounge.

He held the tinted glass doors open while she preceded him into the room. She surveyed her surroundings having never been in that particular room before. It was small with a table and 3 plastic chairs close to the center wall. To the left there were machines that she assumed must be related to their work. On the right wall, there was a long cabinet, blue in colour with a sink in the middle.

He pulled out one of the chairs surrounding the table and gestured for her to sit. She took the seat, all the while inspecting the room, so she didn't notice when he pulled up another chair and sat behind her.

He placed his hands on her back and began massaging it. She could feel her tension ebbing away with every soothing rotation of his hand.

"Feeling better now?" he breathed into her ear.

She inclined her head slowly in the direction of his voice and while flashing a cheeky smile said, "Maybe a little."

He inched closer to her and whispered again, "Yeah I bet, only a little."

She laughed at the quick way he caught her meaning.

The laughter died down and he continued his massage in companiable silence.

She was feeling much too comfortable but she was due at another place in a short while, so she put a hand on his arm and said, "I am feeling a lot better."

He slowly dropped his hand from her back and got up from his chair. He came around and offered her his hand to help her up.

She grinned and took it without question.

But instead he yanked her straight into his arms and kissed her.

Her mind went blank with the sudden action. But she didn't protest.

After a while, he slowly loosened his grip on her. She blinked back her daze and stared back at him, only seeing mischief in his gorgeous eyes. Her hands were still fastened tightly on his arms, holding herself steady. She bit her tongue looking for the right words to say since he was obviously waiting for a reaction.

She didn't know if what she was doing was right but she was sure that that was what she wanted to do. So she leaned in and kissed him again, but this time it was gentle, sort of like her way of saying she didn't mind and that she liked it.

He grinned at her. His mouth opened to say something.

"Z.. are you..." another lady walked into the room obviously aware that he was in there but unaware that he was not alone.

They broke out of their reverie and turned to meet the lady standing at the door who was currently apologising for disturbing him.

She was a little flustered at being caught in a restricted access room. She wiggled her way out of his embrace and snuck to the door while he talked to his colleague. Before she exited, she caught his eye and smiled. She mouthed the words, "Thank you!" while his expression said he would call her soon.

She turned and walked out the door, heading towards the **** room.

Oh god! What just happened?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

devil's own child

i've been thinking, that when u do something often enough you start to develop an inkling for what you like in terms of style and what you can manage. i find that i have such inklings too although i have no idea when or how i developed them. hahaha..... i mean like when driving, or reading books or .....(fill in ur own blanks)

u see how bored i am that i am rambling useless crap just for the sake or writing something. that is how hollow my days are. pls oh pls dear god, make it august so i can go to my bro and the hot frat boys.... *wink wink*

on another note, i found a really interesting phrase....

"Good girls go to heaven and naughty girls go everywhere."

that's really something huh.....

so, ladies, what kinda girl are you?

if u ask me, i'll shyly bat my eyelashes and say of course la i'm a good girl but we all know deep down inside what my real answer is.... hahaha...

so now i leave it to you....

are you a


or are you a

ii'll tell you this though.... one of them definitley has more fun.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

phase 2

i am sorry about yesterday. that post was just crazy and seemed like a 3 year old wrote it. personally i blame it on the grief and sadness. but after 24 hours of time to think and come to grips with the sorrow i think i can be brave and talk about it; the suckiness of the whole thing.

its embarassing but expected. i only got 2 out of 8 offers for uni next sem and both were from my safe schools. i guess its a good thing i had those safe schools i guess. but it still doesn't help with the dissappointment. even when u can see it coming a mile away, the impact of actually getting into a crash wheteher literal or figurative is just unimaginable. it was sad. i was holding a torch of hope but my sensible side knew that it was improbable. well at least i know that no matter what, i am going to US. i just gotta work harder to make sure that when i get there at least phase 2 of my plan works out well.